About Yvan Valentin

Award and Praises

Yvan valentin was elected Pastry Chief of the Year in 1995 and 2002.

He won many prizes, including the Chocolate Lovers' Best Truffles Award and the Top Prize for Truffle Presentation, as mentioned in the Los Angeles Times on May 3rd 1990.

« Although the pastries were good before, they are extraordinary now. My guests had expressed disinterest in dessert, but when they got a whiff of the ineffably flaky puff pastry [..] they revived » Gourmet, May 85.

« we slathered over our hot apple tart several layers of whipped cream and inhaled every crumb of the variety of Le Dessert Du Roy Tout en chocolat, which numbered three. [..] Go back by any means » Los Angeles Magazine , Feb. 1986.

« those wonderful Chocolate Truffle » Malibu Magazine

SAVOIR, the French Californian magazine had a three pages piece about Yvan in August 2006.

A chief among world's chiefs

Yvan Valentin is a pastry chief of worldwide fame.
He is the regular invited dessert creator in world-class culinary events.

Yvan Valentin, with Mr Pierre, from Troisgros, Mr Pic, Mr Michel Blanchet,
Mr Georges Blanc, and Mr Paul Bocuse and Gault-Millau owner.

Yvan Valentin at MERCI JULIA!,
the grand tribute to Julia Chid hosted at the ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey.
Passions Magazine, 1993



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