Get our award wining truffles directly from us.

We offer 4 flavors : Dark Chocolate, Ivory Cointreau, Cappuccino and Praline. Truffles are available by the pound, in bulk or in 1/2p, 1p or 2p ballotins, as well as in 2, 4,12 or 24 pieces boxes. All truffles are made with fresh products, and we mix our own selection of chocolates to provide you with the best quality. Shelf life is 25 to 30days.

Specific flavors and packaging are available upon request.


Dark Truffles : "Old tradition" crunchy bittersweet chocolate filled with a dark melting ganache. A classic simply exquisite.

Praline Truffles : Wonderful combination of creamy ganache and caramelized toasted hazelnut paste wrapped in milk chocolate.

Ivory Cointreau Truffles : Delicious blend of chocolate, orange peel and Cointreau in a velvety smooth chocolate icing. A favorite for white chocolate lovers.

Cappuccino Truffles : Perfect blending of chocolate and cappuccino cream, coated with bittersweet chocolate and light cocoa.


Bulk : Order our truffles in bulk, by the pound, 40 pieces per pound.

2 pieces Golden Ballotin.

4 pieces Golden Ballotin.

1/2 pound Golden Ballotin : 20 pieces per box.

1 pound Golden Ballotin : 40 pieces per box.

2 pounds Golden Ballotin : 80 pieces per box.

Designer Box : 12 or 24 pieces per box.

Transparent bag. 20 pieces.

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